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We ease your digital transformation in the age of trusted engagement and privacy.

Data is at the heart of every board-level conversation. Recognized as an organization’s competitive advantage—customer data in particular–it now requires care and protection more than ever. While many solutions provide the necessary measures to secure and protect data in a company, few enable companies to give users control over their own personal data.

Privowny is focused on giving organizations the means to empower their customers with control over their data, thus increasing trust and intimacy, improving transparency, and respecting their privacy. Moreover, Privowny enables companies to take a proactive stance toward privacy regulation instead of a reactive one.

Icon of a Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Engaging customers and prospects is your key priority. So is building your brand. Give your customers control over their personal data. The resulting growth in engagement and trust will improve brand equity and reputation, and, potentially, open new business opportunities.

Icon of a Chief Digital Officer

Chief Digital Officer

Innovative disruption is a mindset you believe in, and you are the “transformer” of your business. Reinvent your digital customer strategy and embrace the shared control and responsibility of consumer data. Help your customers to help propel your business forward.

Icon of a Chief Data Officer

Chief Data Officer

You best know how to create value from your company’s data assets and how to translate a vision into reality. Champion data security, privacy, and accuracy. Extend awareness to your customers and give them back control to teach them safer online behavior.

Icon of a Chief Privacy Officer

Chief Privacy Officer

Data is the new gold, and your responsibility is to protect it. Policies and procedures help mitigate risks of data loss. It takes something more, however, to really know your customers and their relevant data (what, where, and how). Retain your business’s flexibility and seamlessly redefine your customer data profiling through user consent and control.

Icon of a Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

You contend with many priorities while technology moves at a dizzying pace. What may be paradoxical for others is business as usual to you, such as building up customer profiles while protecting and securing their data. Integrate privacy and transparency by design, encourage consumers to abide by secure practices, and mitigate risks of data loss.