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Data is gold but it must be treated with respect and transparency.
Be the promoter of ethical data usage!

The shift to technology and data-driven companies has unfortunately followed high profits and accelerated growth target neglecting and even compromising ethical use of data. Data that has been entrusted by end-users found its way to the hands of email abusers (spam), hackers and criminal organizations (data breaches), and indirectly to apparatuses of disinformation (fake news) as we recently witnessed.

Digital life exists as it does today thanks to the ubiquity of access and speed online, mobility, abundance of information and content, and commerce with a touch of a button or sound of a voice.Telecom, Financial Services, and Media/Publishing sectors want to play a bigger role in the life of their customers and users. The opportunity lies today in championing privacy to reinforce trust, but also adhere to privacy regulations such as GDPR.

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Consumers entrust their digital life to telecommunications providers with very high expectations of data and privacy protections. The stakes are getting higher with the convergence of smartphones and wallets, as well as the role the mobile numbers play in two-factor authentication. A compromised device or number not only leave a person vulnerable, but can ruin her identity.

Privowny’s personal data assistant gives telecom providers the ability to deepen their relationship and trust with customers, by empowering them to take control of and protect their data.

 Financial Services picture : Protect your money

Financial Services

Financial Services play a vital role in the digital economy, yet they face many challenges due to heavy competition, increased regulatory burdens, and the disruption from the emerging fintech sector. In addition, loyalty among consumers is eroding and fraud is increasing.

Privowny’s personal data assistant services enables financial services such as retail banks and insurance providers bring their customers back into a trusted and valued relationship, and help them stay protected and reduce the risk of fraud or identity theft.

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Media & Publishing

Online readers want quality content and information they can trust. Today, they contend between social media and mainstream media, real vs. fake news, real ads vs. click-bait, amidst malware disguised as ads.

Media and publishing companies have an opportunity for change, and become bases of online data protection services. Privowny’s personal data assistant services equips them with the right tooling to reinstate a deeper bond between consumer and publisher, and even iterate anew on a subscription-based business model that is more lucrative than ad-driven CPMs.