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Privowny App is opening its beta version to testers

Palo Alto, November 18, 2019 — Privowny announced today that it is opening Privowny App’s beta version to testers globally. Privowny App is a comprehensive solution that helps people adopt safer/smarter online practices to protect their privacy and regain control of their personal data. It is available as a desktop browser extension and mobile app (for Android and iOS). Starting today, people are encouraged to go and download it at and give their feedback.

Hervé Le Jouan, CEO of Privowny said: “We’ve been improving our product for months under the radar and we are very proud of what we have achieved. We are now ready, and our teams are eager to put Privowny App to the test of like-minded people out there. Privowny App is looking for its tribe and beyond.”

Privowny App is a comprehensive solution split in 4 easy-to-use modules:

  • A Password Manager that allows users to keep all their online credentials safe (encrypted) behind one Master Key. No need to ever remember them all. Users enter their Master Key and Privowny App autofills login forms for them.
  • An Alias Manager that creates unique anonymized email addresses to keep spammers at bay. Users can trace the spam they receive back to the company they originally gave their email address to and block senders by the switch of a toggle.
  • A Tracker Manager that informs users about the trackers present on each website they visit and allows them to block all or some of them in order to browse privately and without ads.
  • A Data Manager that collects a copy of the data users leave behind when they fill online forms and lets users see which companies know what about them.

Privowny’s journey started more than a decade ago with the will to empower people with the knowledge of where their data is and raise awareness about data collection on the internet.

“We are convinced that knowledge is the foundation of empowerment and control. Our Data Manager is fast evolving and at the core of Privowny’s vision for the future: a world where people will regain ownership of their data and share it on their own terms.” said Hervé Le Jouan about Privowny’s long-term goal. Privowny has been a pioneer in considering data like a personal asset and thinks that the public is finally ready to see eye-to-eye with them.

Privowny App is meant to stay as a beta version for people to engage with and provide feedback. The production version will be commercialized by businesses that will find value in the product for their own customers and will be customized to fit their specific needs. For more on Privowny’s business model go to

Le Jouan concluded, “People have been waiting for help to regain control of their data and online privacy, but they often don’t know how/where to start. With Privowny App we hope they will finally find what they are looking for.”