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A personal data assistant for users’ digital life management.

Privowny Personal Data Assistant consists in a set of data protection and management modules for Web and Mobile sitting on top of a user’s own digital secured data vault. It includes a Password Manager to store and retrieve login credentials securely and generate strong passwords, a Tracker Manager to block or curate unwanted ads and/or other specific categories, an @-alias Manager to protect users’ email addresses when filling marketing forms or registering online, a personal Data Manager to track which data was entered where, and an Insights Dashboard to summarize all online activity with scoring.

Key Features
  • Automatically Detects and Remembers usernames and passwords when user logs in or registers into websites without annoying pop ups
  • Encrypts all passwords automatically
  • Generates secure passwords (using upper/lower case letters, numbers, special characters, etc) matching websites requirements
  • Retrieves and auto fills usernames/passwords when logging back into websites
  • If a data breach is revealed, users can easily retrieve a list of websites where they used the same password so they can go and update their credentials to proactively protect themselves
Did You Know?
  • There is only ONE Master Password to remember!
  • Only users can decrypt their passwords using their Master Password. Note: Password Manager does not store their Master Password
  • Passwords are encrypted using 2048 length RSA keys – which can only be decrypted by users entering a Master Password only known by them combined with their own Private key - the most secure method available!
Key Features
  • Whitelist/Blacklist trackers and categories you want your customers to be exposed to or not
  • Offer them to control trackers individually by online destination (block/allow certain trackers that run)
  • Educate them to understand what kind of trackers they are exposed to by using our classification (such as advertising, social, analytics, etc)
  • Offer them to selectively control all trackers/categories across all websites
Did You Know?
  • Trackers are usually calling/invoking other trackers
  • Certain websites can get more than a 100 trackers running at a time
  • Trackers are generating additional data traffic so consuming data/bandwidth which may degrade the user experience (time, delays) and could be expensive (cellular data consumption)
  • Blocking trackers generally improves loading time of visited websites and optimizes users’ online experience
  • Blocking trackers will help to avoid Malvertising
Key Features
  • Generates unique email address - email alias -  when signing up and creating/updating accounts on websites (e.g., Newsletter subscription, shopping, online bookings, gambling, gaming, …)
  • Offers visibility on who sends emails, how many, and who shares email addresses and with whom
  • Allows users to Block/Allow companies sending emails using one of their email aliases
  • Allows users to delete any of those email aliases at any time
  • Retrieves email aliases in one easy click as you sign back in on websites
Did You Know?
  • We do not keep, nor store any email content
  • We forward any emails sent to those unique email aliases to the personal email address set up in users’ account
Key Features
  • Collects data left by consumers on websites as they register and fill forms:
    • Labels (ex: name, address, date of birth, gender, …)
    • Values (ex : “Smith”, “101 test street”, “12/05/1990”, “Female”, …)
    • Companies names they leave data on
    • Date of collection
  • Stores those data left in their personal data vault
  • Offers them full visibility and control over their data
  • Fills automatically forms they have already filled at least once
  • Allows to search any data in their personal data vault and see where it has been left
  • Allows consumers to manage their data (encrypt/delete/export, …)
  • Allows to add manually any data
Did You Know?
  • Users have full visibility and control over their data
  • Users can encrypt any of their data at any time using 2048 length keys. This data can only be decrypted by users entering their Master Password only known by them combined with their own Private key. The most secure method available!
  • Users can track and control their trail of Digital footprint
Key Features
  • Indicates the volume of data left on websites since registration
  • Presents the distribution of key important data (passwords, email, credit/debit cards, …)
  • Summarizes what the Internet knows about users by classifying and reporting users interests in main categories (with consumers’ consent)
  • Presents trackers statistics
  • Presents some mobile usage metrics
Did You Know?
  • Users have full visibility and control over their data
  • Users can track and control their trail of Digital footprint including their interests and usage