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A comprehensive solution to give users control over their personal data

Privowny App consists in a set of data protection and management modules for web and mobile combined to a secured digital vault. It includes a Password Manager to securely store and retrieve login credentials and to generate strong passwords, a Tracker Manager to curate trackers and block unwanted ads and other specific tracker categories, an Alias Manager to protect users’ email addresses by generating an alternate one to provide when needed (registering online, subscribing to a newsletter, etc.), a Data Manager to provide a record of the data left behind online (what information, where, etc.), and a Dashboard to summarize all online activity and provide users with insight.

Tracker Manager

The Tracker Manager helps users identify and control advertising, analytics, social and behavioral tracking scripts, which eliminates unwanted advertising, monitoring, and can fend off malware, including cryptocurrency miners. Last but not least, it improves their browsing experience from a speed/performance perspective as well as overall usability, and thus their level of satisfaction.

Key Features
  • Whitelist/Blacklist trackers and categories you want your customers to be exposed to or not
  • Gives users fine control over trackers individually (block/allow certain trackers), by website or across all websites
  • Educates your customers to understand what kind of trackers they are exposed with our classification (advertising, social, analytics, etc.)
  • Gives users control over all trackers/categories at once, by website or across all websites
Did you know?
  • Trackers are usually calling/invoking other trackers
  • Certain websites can get more than 100 trackers running at a time
  • Trackers are generating additional data traffic and consuming data/bandwidth, which may degrade user experience (time, delays) and could be expensive (cellular data consumption)
  • Blocking trackers generally improves loading time of visited websites and optimizes users’ online experience
  • Blocking trackers will help to avoid Malvertising

Password Manager

The Password Manager supports the secure storage of website and mobile app login credentials. In addition, it allows for the generation of strong passwords that enhance a user’s online security. All passwords are encrypted using the best standards and are solely accessible by users using a unique Master Key only known by them.

Key Features
  • Automatically detects and remembers user IDs and passwords when user logs in or registers into websites
  • Encrypts all passwords automatically
  • Generates secure passwords (using upper/lower case letters, numbers, special characters, etc.) matching websites' requirements
  • Retrieves and autofills user IDs/passwords when logging back into websites
  • If a data breach is revealed, users can easily retrieve a list of websites where they used the same password so they can go and update their credentials to proactively protect themselves
Did you know?
  • There is only ONE Master Key to remember!
  • Only users can decrypt their passwords using their Master Key. Note: Privowny does not store their Master Key
  • Passwords are encrypted using 2048 length RSA keys, which can only be decrypted by users entering their Master Key known only to them combined with their own private key—the most secure method available!

Alias Manager

The Alias Manager enables the generation of anonymized email addresses when users register on websites or apps. These addresses protect users’ actual email addresses, mitigate SPAM, and mitigate the risks of exposure and theft in case of data breaches.

Key Features
  • Generates a unique alternate email address—an alias email address—when signing up and creating/updating accounts on websites (e.g., Newsletter subscription, shopping, online bookings, gambling, gaming, …)
  • Offers visibility on who sends emails, how many, and who shares email addresses and with whom
  • Allows users to block/allow companies sending emails to any of their email aliases
  • Allows users to delete any of those email aliases at any time
Did you know?
  • We do not keep or store any email content
  • We forward all emails sent to those unique email aliases to the personal email address set up in users’ account

Data Manager

The Data Manager automatically captures the trail of personal information left on websites. It offers users some visibility over their digital footprint. It allows them to remain aware of who they shared information with and what information each website has compiled about them.

Key Features
  • Collects data left by consumers on websites as they register and fill forms:
    • Labels (ex: name, address, date of birth, gender, …)
    • Values (ex : “Smith”, “101 test street”, “12/05/1990”, “Female”, …)
    • The name of the website they leave the data on
    • The date of collection
  • Stores this data in their personal data vault
  • Users have full visibility and control over their data
  • The personal data vault can be search to see where a specific piece of data has been left
  • Users can manage their data (encrypt/delete/export, …)
  • Users can manually add any piece of data for safekeeping
Did you know?
  • Users have full visibility and control over the data in their Data Manager
  • Users can encrypt any piece of data at any time using 2048 length keys. This data can only be decrypted by users with their Master Key only known by them. The most secure method available!
  • Users gain awareness of the trail of data they leave behind online (their digital footprint)


The Dashboard is a personalized analytics interface that displays insights on users' personal data saved in their Managers. It reports on the types of data shared or left on websites, with an analysis of behaviors, interests, and habits.

Key Features
  • Indicates the volume of data left on websites since registration
  • Presents the distribution of key important data (passwords, email, credit/debit cards, …)
  • Summarizes how the Internet profiles users by classifying and reporting users' interests in main categories (with consumers’ consent)
  • Gives users insights about their password management and the control they exercice over their inbox
Did you know?
  • Users have full visibility and control over their data
  • Users can track and control their Digital footprint including their interests and usage