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Hervé Le Jouan
Founder, CEO

Hervé is a recognized leader and manager, and a repeated entrepreneur who, over the past 20 years, has been involved in key global Internet and mobile companies at the heart of which were Technology and Data analytics. He is passionate about astronomy and astrophysics. He loves spending time with his wife, their three children, and friends, and walking/running in nature with his dog.

Hervé holds an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC).

Erwan Azur
Co-Founder, CTO

Since the age of 12, Erwan has been passionate about computers, IT, and coding. He is a top global IT architect and has been involved in architecting and developing scalable and secure Internet and mobile applications since late 1995. When he’s not in front of a keyboard, he can be found cooking for his daughters in his semi-professional kitchen or sailing alongside the French Brittany coast.

Erwan is graduated from EPITA, a specialized IT engineering school.

Renata Tagg
Renata TAGG
Vice President, Analytics

With over two decades of experience and core competencies in research, analytics, taxonomies, data intelligence, data quality, and methodological integrity, Renata Tagg is a solution-oriented thinker and creative self-starter with a rigorous drive for development and implementation of new ideas.

Renata studied Industrial Economics Engineering at VUT Brno in Czech Republic and obtained BSc in Commercial Engineering and Management from Vrije Universiteit Brussels in Belgium. She is multilingual.