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A SaaS, secured and scalable platform to deliver powerful services.

Based on state of the art technologies, Privowny’s platform is a multi-region virtualized environment hosting powerful services. Each service is redundant and highly resilient and can scale to demand.

Privowny’s assistant is available as a Web Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox. Safari and Edge are coming soon. It is also available on Android (5 and above) and coming soon on iOS. Our offering is highly customizable from simple branding/white labelling to full SDK and API access.

Password Manager

Tracker Manager

Alias@ Manager

Data Manager

Insights Dashboard

Admin console
Monitoring & Alerts
Dedicated Environment
AI Machine Learning
  • Privowny’s platform is highly secured. By design, customer data is safe and protected via modern cryptography techniques.
  • Privowny cannot decrypt any encrypted data, only end-users can. Even with brute force and quantum computation, by design keys cannot be reconstructed nor decrypted in a standard way.
  • The Platform also offers very powerful user and session management features. It also supports identity brokering such as Social Authentication, OpenID Connect brokering, SAML, and Identity Federation.
  • Users are always in control of all their sessions across devices and in case of lost device, users can revoke/disconnect its session.
  • Privowny is conscious that country specific regulation impose restrictions on where data physically reside. Privowny’s platform accommodates multi-geographic sites and is not sticky to any public or private cloud technology.
  • Privowny’s platform provides a lot of metrics on technical operations but also on how the service is utilized by consumers. For example, it is possible to share and compare data usage by feature, device, population, time and other attributes.
  • Privowny’s platform offers many operation features that allow the refinement and improvement over time of the service by powerful tracker management possibilities, web site semantics tools and machine learning.