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We saw this coming...

Long before digital transformation, Big Data, e-privacy, and GDPR were part of the business lexicon and mind frame, we set out to address the challenge resulting from the hyper-connected and overly watched users in the information age. The fast pace of data collection and intrusive targeting gave us pause on potential repercussions, from the erosion of trust, rise in fraud, and government intervention all the way to potential repressive regulations. With an understanding of the magnitude of data collection practices and impending technological advances, we started thinking of a solution that would enable users to protect themselves and retain trust in their preferred businesses without fear or loathing of a continuously disrupted business world.

With the Internet increasingly central to everything we do (social, commercial, and legal), we created Privowny by thinking of users’ needs first, and instilled that thinking in our DNA.

Protecting your emails, bank account, search history or online shopping is now part of your digital life.

We want to empower users to control and track the information they share while active online. Rather than letting events set their course, we at Privowny, build the products that enable businesses pillars of trust in our society and economy to champion users’ empowerment over their digital identities and online privacy. Beyond demonstrating corporate responsibility by protecting users’ privacy, we help businesses create trust to foster user engagement and increase loyalty.

Our vision is to give users full control of their digital identity and online privacy.